In early 2001 AlSawmala Group established the Scientific Bureau, which was a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company headquartered in Baghdad. The company is focused on expanding the operations and capabilities on a national level by growing its presence into tha private sector and the Ministry of Health. The objective was to build a well organized, highly efficient Scientific Bureau in all Iraq.

We have three main drug stores in Iraq, which are:-

  1. Central Drug Store: located in Basra to cover Southern parts of Iraq (Basra, Naseria, Missan and Samawa).
  2. Baghdad Drug Store: located in Baghdad to cover distribution to Baghdad and middle parts of Iraq
    ( Babel, Najaf, Karbala, Dewaniyah, Waist, Anbar and Dialah ).
  3. North Drug Store: located in Erbil to cover Kurdistan region and northern parts of Iraq( Erbi, Sulaimaniyah, Dohuk, Mousil, Kirkuk and  Selah El-Dean ).
   moreover , we have six Trucks and Three mini buses.

Our Health Care Scientific Bureau have a qualified staff consists of:-

•   A General Manager (GM).
 Pharmacists (12)
•   Pharmacist assistants (6)
•   Store keepers (10)
Other workers (27) 


We succeeded in representing multi-pharmaceuticals companies , due to the well organization structure of the company and our commitment in achieving the goals.

Moreover the distribution network that we build in the whole IRAQ working on the private and the governmental sectors.

  • Iraq
    . Baghdad . Erbil . Basra 
  • Jordan

    . Amman
    Tel +962 6 5546577
    Fax: +962 6 5546588

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